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Wondershare Video Converter Pro is a very complete video conversion utility
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Wondershare Video Converter Pro is a very complete video conversion utility. It is an ideal tool for users who want to convert their video files to other formats so that they can play them on different computers and multimedia playback devices. The application managed to strike a balance between robustness and ease of use. The graphical user interface was re-designed to make it even simpler than before, but even though the user doesn't see a bunch of buttons and menus everywhere, like it is often the case with other converters, the features are all there. This converter has features that I have not seen in other converters.

Wondershare has always made good converters, but this one is truly great. It includes both a powerful video converter and a very useful video downloader in a single package. There is also a smooth video player that lets you play content that you downloaded or your videos, before you download them. Most video converters have video players, but they often are slow and cumbersome when playing files. This one works like a charm and has features that you would only normally find in a standalone video player, like playlist support and full-screen mode.

I tested the video converter by downloading a 720p HD file from YouTube.com. I was amazed at how fast the process was, and the quality of the downloaded file was excellent. I then converted this file to an HD H.264 file, so that I could play it on my iPad, and, yet again, the process was smooth and very simple.

I like the approach of the developers when they designed the format selection menu. Unlike other similar tools, in which you have to browse long menus with tons of formats to find the device or format that you are looking for, this one sorts everything into clear categories. Thus, it is easy to find the device that you are looking for, because you can narrow the list down to device and even to a single manufacturer. All the conversion profiles even have images of the devices, which makes the process even easier.

I only have a complaint about this great application. It is about the built-in trimmer. Although it works great, when you select the start and end points, you are not told how long your video will be until you accept the changes and you see it on the main window. Knowing this information is very important to me and I think many other users would agree.

José Fernández
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  • Subtitle support.
  • Great video player.
  • Video downloader that can download HD videos.
  • Beautiful interface.
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  • Small feature missing from the trimmer
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